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Me Journal


Emmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... I b a genius. As my friends all know.
I think im pretty borin, stuff happens. And yes i do stupid stuff all the time. But i believe, if i dont do stupid stuff then we have nothing to talk about. I am fuel for conversation!
I play the piano. i wana be a really class pianist, its a bit of a dream i have. Being filthy rich without having to get off my ass is also a dream.
Im a complete athiest and dont believe in anything but im kinda starting to wonder if there are greater powers.. im pretty convinced im a weeeeee bit psychic, lol and also insane. But i am interested in ghosts and stories and vampires n shit. Its all fun.
And i loooooooooooove family guy. Stewie is most fantastic child ever. I hope to spawn something like that if i ever get up d duff.
I love men, a bit too much at times i think, but u will discover all if u read stuff.